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Need a Helmet Visor?

Hard to to enjoy that ride on your Motorcycle or Snowmobile, because of the beaming sunglare on your helmet or goggle lens?

Tint-A-Shield solves that problem Instantly!

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Tint-A-Shield does exactly what its name states. Tints the shield of your goggles orhelmet. The easy yet practical solution to a pest for many riders; Sun Glare.

Created with a Static Cling UV protection, Tint-A-Shield’s state of the art design comes in 2 Universal shapes to protect either your helmet or your goggles.
Tint-A-Shield also boasts 2 different types of protections; Light (20%) and Dark (5%).

Currently, Tint-A-Shield can be used on Motorcycle Helmets, Race car helmets and even Helmets for Hockey!
With freshly fallen snow somethimes the glare increases. Guess what? Tint-A-Shield can also apply to Snowmobile helmets snowboard goggles and ATV Helmets and Goggles. When you’re at the track, avoid the wall by applying Tint-A-Shield to you Go-Cart Racing Helmet.
The possibilities seem endless considering the fact that there is more to tell.

Reduce Glare     UV Eye Protection    Safer Riding

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I have a friend that lives in the Chicago area. I just got back from a trip to northern Minnesota with him. The first day there, he put a tint a shield on my shield and told me to try it. I thought it was a great idea. I got your web-site from him. When I returned home, I went on-line and ordered one of each.Tim

Look how easy Tint-A-Shield is to use (scroll down)

Just remove Tint-A-Shield from storage tube


Unroll Tint-A-Shield


While holding Tint-A-Shield with both hands,

center over shield


Wipe out all air pockets


Simply Grab Quick release tab to remove Tint-A-Shield


Just that Easy!


step 7Roll and place Tint-A-Shield in tube for lasting Protection
Tint-A-Shield sells a great product, it really works, a very welcome addition to e bay A PLUS+.


FACT: Tint-A-Shield blocks 80-95% of UV radiation.

Aside from the inconvenience of carrying around different goggles or face shields for different lighting conditions, they cost more. Sometimes a lot more. A recent survey of internet discount pricing for UV blocking goggles and face shields found prices from around $40.00 up into the hundreds.

I found Tint-A-Shield on John Dee’s sight. I have had a shield {Polar Optics?} that velcro’s on, but I lost it, and it is always awkward to store on the sled, so for $12, I’ll give this a try.

 Fagan Chevrolet Cadillac

For Helmets For Goggles
alt Press It On
Peel It Off
Static Cling
No Adhesive
  • Universal shape for Helmets
  • Universal shape for Goggles
  • Quick release tab
  • Reusable
  • Removable
  • No Cutting Required(fits most shields)
  • Comes in carrying tube
  • Cheaper then new helmet visor or tinted shield

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